Vanderburgh House

Worcester is a beautiful city. Whether you are viewing the amazing architecture or eating at any one of the delicious restaurants, Worcester has something to offer that is unique. You have the Worcester Art Museum, that is currently exhibiting some exciting pieces of art such as “Dangerous Liaisons Revisited”, which centers around the museums handscroll from the 1300’s. Then there is Bancroft Tower, which was built in 1900, in honor of George Bancroft, a beloved politician, historian, and statesman. And right smack dab in the middle of this is our women’s sober home.

Our Neighborhoods Make a Difference.

Nestled in a quiet neighborhood and near many wonderful places to visit and shop, our home provides a sense of peace and belonging. Living in a beautiful Victorian home that was built in 1899 and adorned with stained glass, this home has a history of its own! Known as the "Wyman-Gordon House", this house was built for one of the founders of the Wyman-Gordon Company, which still operates today, with plants worldwide. Wyman-Gordon today creates products for marine, aerospace, power, fuel, and construction industries.

What Do We Do Differently?

What sets us apart from other sober homes is that we do not put our homes in the backyards of the dealers who are selling the drugs. Our sober homes are in neighborhoods that the residents are proud of. We work hard to end the stigma that comes with substance use disorder so that the men and women in our sober homes can work their recovery the way they need to with no added stressors. Everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect and Vanderburgh House is making sure that these men and women in recovery are treated like human beings. We are changing the way people view recovery, one sober home at a time!

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